About Us

The Communications and Engagement team at Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) serves the strategic communications needs of the department, as well as supporting government agencies to deliver effective communications and engagement with the people of NSW.

The Branch comprises of 5 teams:

Government Communications


Digital and Content Strategy


Internal Engagement

Government Communications

The Government Communications team works for the whole of the NSW Government to ensure advertising and communications campaigns are well-planned, efficient and effective.

The team aims to lift the capability of agencies to deliver their campaigns, leads the development of communications policy, ensures NSW Government branding is consistently applied, establishes arrangements for cost-effective advertising services and fosters greater collaboration and engagement across Departments.

Government Communications

Contact: adreviews@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Communications Contracts

Contact: advertising@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Communications Capability

Contact: scdpc@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Government Communications Policy

Contact: scdpc@dpc.nsw.gov.au


The Media team helps coordinate NSW Government communications.

Contact: media@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Digital and Content Strategy

Creates high-quality content for the NSW Government to inform and drive engagement with the community through social media, online communication channels such as nsw.gov.au and the production of print materials, presentations and multimedia content.


Contact: digital@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Creative Services

Contact: creative.services@dpc.nsw.gov.au

Social Media

Contact: social@dpc.nsw.gov.au


The Events team delivers celebrations and commemorations on behalf of the Premier and the NSW Government including Australia Day. The team coordinates NSW Government operational support to major events.

Contact: events@dpc.nsw.gov.au


Department of Premier and Cabinet

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